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If you’re reading this it’s because you probably already know what the chess sport is all about. If you still don’t understand it, here’s a brief explanation about what the game is, where it comes from and what it’s all about.

It’s a strategy sport where two people participate whose goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king. If it is done professionally it is even considered a sport. This sport is quite old, emerged in the fifteenth century in Europe.  It is the evolution of a Persian game called shatranj, which in turn was the evolution of a game from India called chaturanga, it was of the sixth century. The organization of chess competitions began in the sixteenth century. The first world championship was organized in 1886. So it can be assumed that it is a fairly old sport.

The international olympic committee classifies chess as a sport so it’s international competitions are regulated by FIDE.  The players usually compete individually in different tournaments. Although there are also team competitions, the most important in this category are the chess Olympics.

5 chess training ideas that work


There are three fundamental elements make up the chess sport:

The pieces of the game: 16 for each player are a king, a queen, two bishops, two horses, two towers and eight pawns, traditionally one team is black and the other is white. However, there have been variations of these colors.

The board: this is a square of 64 squares divided into 32 white and 32 black squares side by side alternating the colors. The pieces are placed face to face in such a way that each player has a white square in the right corner.

The chess clock: this is a double stopwatch that measures the time in which each player makes his move. While the turn player’s clock is running, his opponent’s clock is stopped and when the move is over and stopped, the opponent’s clock immediately starts.

The truth is that this is a sport in where you cannot move randomly. To become a professional you must carefully analyze each of the moves you are going to make. For this reason, you must practice a lot in addition to receiving training.

Many people think that with knowing which are the movements that each piece makes and also know how they make their captures, they will be able to play well and win all the games. These people are not considering that this sport is all about strategy and you even need to do several calculations but don’t worry because everything is learned.

Here are 5 chess coaching techniques that work quite well:

1. Blitz games or lightning game: this is a type of game in which each player has 15 minutes to carry out the entire game. This is a way of streamlining the mind of the players as well as making it fun.

2. Play with specific positions: the best thing you can do is place the pieces in positions that are not very clear and play with both colors. The positions are relatively easy to find, they can do it starting from the analysis of a game of some famous player or even their own game.

3. Playing blind: almost nobody applies this technique. However, some coaches use it to improve the skills of their students. It’s about applying a lightning game on a board where there are no pieces and only the piece you’re moving at the moment is placed. For example, if the white team plays 1.e4 there only has to be one pawn on the board. If the black team responds with e6, there will be two pawns on the board and so on. Besides being a fun technique, it improves the vision and imagination of the player when calculating the moves.

4. Watch many games: even if it doesn’t seem like it, watching other people’s games will help to improve your game. Human beings by nature learn to imitate so watching good players will make you learn to play like them. Do not focus on a single player, you must analyze the gameplay of several to enrich the learning.

5. Note down the games: This technique works well enough to do an analysis of each game and find the errors to correct them. In addition to learning to analyze the games will serve you to analyze the games of professionals. It is an excellent technique to correct beginners.

Whether you want to learn to play chess because you want to exercise your mind or because you intend to become a professional. Remember practice makes the master so don’t push yourself and enjoy your learning. This sport is excellent for developing the analytical and decision-making skills of both children and adults.

However, if you want to be a professional in this sport and get to win some competition or even participate in the Olympics. You should take your training very seriously and look for a coach who will speed up your process. Also, if you apply these techniques you will have much more effective learning to become the best chess player in the world.

Consistency and dedication are essential to achieve the goal of being a good player, as in any sport you must practice several times a week to improve mental skills that allow you to make the right decisions. when moving each of the pieces. It is not only about knowing how to move your pieces to achieve checkmate, but also to intuit the movements of your opponent as well as protect your king at all costs.