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If you like to play chess and you are someone who plays for fun a game from time to time, or if you are also an experienced chess player who participates in contests; in both cases if you are in search of your chess coach, it is important, you take some recommendations to make your search easier.

In this era, any search you make is much easier than it could have been twenty years ago, it is because of the use of technology, computers, tablets, smartphones, the internet. All of the above is the representation of a life with fewer complications.

Twenty years ago if you were looking for a specific service such as a chess coach, you did it through posters in public places or in classified ads in the newspaper, and in the case that at least you knew about coaches. They were far away, it could be extremely difficult to have to move as far as this one, that’s why even in this last case the connection to digital platforms can reduce the distances to receive your lessons today.

Find your chess coach

It is true that there are clubs, schools or places where this type of chess coaching service is offered. However, it can become a little more difficult from the point of view of the means you have to use the services offered by those places. Such as for example that there are not in the place where you live, or if they do not convince you to train there, or that it is also a service exceeds the price of your budget, any of the above cases can occur. However, it is not a limit when you want to learn and get the chess coach you are looking for.

A chess coach will positively impact your game

Nowadays with the internet and the different digital platforms exist in it.  When you have some problem at the moment of doing a search, you enter to the searcher of your preference, you place the topic, you look for and you click it, and thus, instantaneously appear the hundreds, thousands or millions of results of your search. These tools are undoubtedly the best, as players or chess coaches make use of them- Either on the most famous social networks such as facebook, twitter, youtube, etc, or the websites, content blogs, discussion forums, etc. These people are not far from this reality, they are also connected.

You can easily search the internet for the words “chess coach” and have no doubt, many results will appear, either from web pages, dedicated to the writing of content with the theme of chess, as youtube channels where videos appear to learn to play chess or train. In fact, if you do a search with the words “chess trainer”, you will find many players who in their page describe in their presentation they are chess players and also coaches. You can find people from all over the world, from countries which you have no idea of their name or their flag, so impressive it is. All these people found in your search are the result of having placed the keywords you were looking for.

These chess coaches who are players at the same time, or may only be dedicated to training, offer their services via the internet, most of them for a package price or promotion of their services. Some at some point were outstanding players in international chess competitions having a relevant trajectory in the medium. They are the first that you will find, but it does not mean that they are the only ones. This is how the internet has become the window to more easily contact the best-known chess coaches up to those who are just starting out.

On the other hand, also within the results of your search for a chess coach, you will find other tools which will depend on your tastes to use them.  Programs or applications which include training for the game of chess, It is as an option that you could try if it calls your attention to play against the computer. Although the truth is there are debates within the chess community as to the effectiveness of training with the programs or applications of the game.

It happens because although some people consider it an option to train or practice, when you cannot do it personally with a coach, or to reinforce your moves, others consider that you cannot really measure that you are learning or improving your skills. They think it because the computer does not explain the movements as a trainer would do flesh and blood. So it simply makes them or shows you the options of moves, but it does not explain why they and what they imply.

Without a doubt, finding your chess trainer can be a very simple task nowadays. Now you can have at hand an infinity of options, which is good for those who like to try different things. Although others think that it may be more difficult to choose between so many options for not knowing which is right for their case and the fact of not wanting to feel that time and money are wasted among so many things.

Now, whether you think in one way or another, the important thing is that your search is made within the parameters which require. Be it an in-person trainer, a distance trainer or the computers themselves, apart from this also explore the options before deciding on one, that is to say, first investigate. So for example, if you are going to opt for a distance training via internet, don’t sign up for the first one you get, regardless of whether it is famous, even if it is true you must first check the trainer’s references. So you can be sure it is what suits you, apart from everything else, the tools are there, and the decision will be up to you.

Another coach also recognized among the best is Mark Dvoretsky, who obtained the title of International Master in 1975, at the time was considered one of the best players. He had personal reasons chose not to continue as an active player, but he decided to become a chess coach. His reputation was known for forming players who would become great masters in the game. He published several books of chess teachings.

In the search for the best, apart from the recognition that is made to the most seen on the Internet when it comes to the best chess coaches in the world, Polga, Dzindzichashvili, Dvoretsky. Also, it is necessary to know names that appear in the searches of the best, either in official sites like the FIDE or by recommendation and opinions of the same known players or that count on the experience and trajectory in that means. Even though for us people there always has to be a rank, a list, a number one and those who follow. The truth is there are coaches, and possibly many of them are not as recognized as others by the same influence that exists years ago. However, this does not mean that there are no novelties, such as for example:

Daniel Muñoz, who is a Spaniard, who currently devotes more to teaching chess than the game, has participated in different tournaments. He is the author of “The Zugzwang Method” Best Seller that for 2 years was the best-selling chess book in Amazon in 2016 and 2017. It has an ELO score of 2100 FIDE (International Chess Federation) and has more than 24,000 subscribers on youtube for its lessons.

Nowadays technology brings us closer and closer to knowledge and people, fast and comfortable interaction is the novelty of this new generation, which represents a change in the paradigm of how things were done before. Before a chess player or coach to become recognized and be considered as the best, the way he had to reach different parts of the world was by more complicated means and took more time, apart from that, necessarily besides playing had to have the experience and trajectory considered sufficient in them times. As surely one or another coach who deserved recognition as the best maybe he did not get to have by the turns that life takes and change history.

Today, with a click or a “send” the task of making oneself known can be much simpler, as long as one has talent and knowledge as well as correct use of the internet and digital platforms. There can be a direct interaction between the interested public in the world of chess, players and coaches that actively participate in the medium, people who are already known come to have a greater enhancement since at the time they were the only reference as the best or the best chess coaches.