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Chess is one of the most popular board sport in history. Players require a capacity of concentration that allows them to plan the best attack, to cover their backs or to elaborate a strategy that puts the opponent in “Checkmate”.

However, beyond the player’s concentration or IQ, it is vitally important to have an experienced person to back him up and teach him how to win any match practically by heart. Because in general terms, chess sport requires much more than intelligence and luck. The strategy is fundamental to being successful in this mental sport.

You can read books, tutorials, listen to advice and practice anything you want but chess is a competitive sport and as in any competition, players need the support of a good chess coach.

Tasks of a chess coach

The dilemma that many athletes present when looking for a chess coach is they do not know exactly what functions or characteristics are required for the role. In the case of chess it is even more complicated for a simple reason. How can a person teach me to think?

Fortunately, the role of a chess trainer presents is much more valuable and important than some might suppose. That’s why below we leave a list of tips to take into account if you are looking for someone to accompany you in this analytical path of chess:

– Know your game.

Not only in sports but in any aspect of life it is essential that the members of a work team know each other very well, in order to take advantage of strengths and counteract weaknesses.

In chess, a coach should be dedicated to analyzing games to enhance skills and correct weaknesses.

– Plan your training

Based on the conclusions obtained after analyzing the competitor’s game, a coach should develop a method of work and training that suits and benefits the player. It will have an emphasis on improving the strengths of the game and applying strategies that optimize and accelerate the progress of the student.

– Providing Advice

The best teaching will learn from the mistakes of others. In that sense, it is always fundamental that a good chess trainer devotes part of his time to providing lessons that bring knowledge and culture to the competitor. So he becomes an integral chess player with strengthened bases.

– Assign tasks

This step will help the competitor to put into practice the advice obtained from the coach’s lessons and can serve as the first challenge before going out to compete. Tasks and assignments in all areas improve the skills of anyone in training.

– Being attentive to the student’s training

It includes answering each student’s question or comment, reviewing homework, and periodically evaluating growth based on assignments, in the interest of clarifying the picture and dispelling false expectations that harm the competitor. Effective communication, ensuring a more reliable training process.

– Renew the training plan frequently.

Any training process involves changes. So it is likely that a competitor’s weaknesses at the beginning of a training plan are not the same at a certain point in the process. Therefore, it is necessary for a good coach to constantly make the necessary adjustments to the work system, thinking about the current needs of the player.

– Organizing a competition agenda

Although it may seem like an easy task, it’s not at all. This task requires a process of investigation and much perspicacity on the part of the chess coach. Since it is recommended to register the student in the tournaments adapted to his level and evidently where he has possibilities to win them or at least to take a little experience and hierarchy.

At the end of the day, tournaments are where the training process of any good coach is truly evaluated and conclusions can even be drawn from his work based on the results obtained by his competitor.

– Keeping up to date with the work area

We can’t say someone is a good coach if they don’t even keep up with what’s going on in their discipline. That’s why, when looking for a chess coach, it’s important to make sure that the coach keeps up to date with what’s going on in the world of chess; reading news, observing the most important tournaments in the world, getting to know every new sport or extradeportive related to the discipline.

These essential steps will help you clear up doubts in your search for the best chess coach.

Online chess sites with the best coaches

Some experts claim that chess is “99% tactical”. So we recommend you train this fundamental aspect of the game at least 15 times a day, no matter what level you are.

Thanks to the technology and speed of the Internet, today we have the advantage of being able to learn and practice chess tactics from anywhere in the world through applications. It will guarantee the same learning experience that a book can provide.

If you don’t find a live coach, the internet can be a great ally in your learning process as a chess player. Below, we recommend the best portals optimized to find chess coaches that meet your requirements.


This page is a worldwide reference for distance chess training. It offers hundreds of exercises available for each training through plays and exercises of different difficulties, based on plays taken from real games. In addition, it has the availability of a wide range of experienced coaches of different nationalities, willing to give lessons and direct training plans.

– Chess 24

This portal has a database full of exercises and tactical approaches adapted to all levels. It also has a classification table offers the possibility of comparing each and every one of the users belonging to Chess 24. Also, this application has the advantage in comparison to many of the market that allows you to be downloaded to any mobile device.


This program is very easy to use and is recommended for young beginners. It gives you access to over 60,000 tactical exercise. It also has a leveling rating. Unlike the ones mentioned above, this online trainer adapts the exercises exclusively to the user’s position in the rating, thus ensuring that the training process will progress simultaneously with the player’s skill.