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Sometimes it happens that we are aware of our weaknesses and strengths. we do not usually know how to identify them. However deep down, unconsciously we know that something does not work as it should- and so we seek help, support. We need a person can help us find the answers that despite being in ourselves, at first sight, we cannot observe. It can be seen from various aspects of life in general, but what is relevant in our search is how to recognize a good chess coach.

Before searching for your chess coach, you must ask yourself a series of questions. You go from the simple to the most complex, and you will see little by little that you will find the answers. Because you have an idea of what you are looking for. For example, you are a beginner in the sport, you have played one or another sport of which you have won and lost, but you would like to raise the level. Then you practice it until you perfect it and thus gain more or you could perfectly well be a more experienced player who needs a change of perspective on the game, its tactics and strategy.

You have to define what you think and you want to achieve for your performance in the game. Since when you look for your chess coach, this is going to be one of the things you have to tell him and if he is a good coach if you don’t tell him first, he will ask you at the beginning.

When you can’t observe your own reality, someone else can show it to you

How to recognize a good chess coach?

Regardless of your level as a chess player. Whether you’re a beginner who plays for fun, or even the other extreme of being a sports player who participates in competitions, when looking for a good chess coach there will always be a series of clues will help you recognize the most proper.

If you are searching you must have several options at hand. It is because you are not going to ask the first person you find to be your coach (unless you are 100% sure it is worth it). It s not recommended because at first what you thought was a good idea may not end up being one. It may happen for example, when you reach a person recommended by other people.

Of course, the recommendations are good, means that a person has demonstrated that he has knowledge about the game and other people recognize it. So you get to her, but first, you must see his/her in action so to speak, you should see how is his/her training and listen to what she/he says. If it makes sense to you if the person really inspires confidence in you, she/he has the necessary knowledge that you are needing. So ask her/his to be your chess coach.

Now, when you have already seen your options, and you know how the possible coaches work, either by reference of other people, you have seen how he works with his student. You have seen their results, either from afar or closely (not all coaches reveal how serious their training plan if you are not their student) they only give you a general sample, the specific you will see in the training. If you already know convinces you enough and you feel sure that it is the right decision, well, you would have your choice of coach.

The important thing that you will observe during the training,  it will confirm if you made the right decision.

A good chess coach has to comply with specific guidelines at the time of training a student, regardless of the level involved must necessarily at the beginning make an assessment of your performance in the game. Identify what are your weaknesses and strengths in the games. The coach should see what are your mistakes and knowledge, and detect what you need to learn, with this, he will know what you have and what you need.

Once the trainer knows where you are standing, he will help you trace the route from where you want to go. For that reason, he/she should develop a plan, your training plan with this you have guide and you achieve your goal, whatever it is.

This training plan will have a series of steps or tasks which you must perform to polish your techniques and strategies, and leave behind your weaknesses for new skills. Obviously, it must have lessons every few days, depending on what they agree and the time proposed to achieve your progress. It must be continuous, the coach must assign you tasks in which you can measure your progress in the lessons, in addition to that test what you have learned.

It is necessary that you also take into account that even though you know what you want to learn from the game or in the game, you have to be open to the idea that sometimes what you want or what you think you want is not really what you need. It is why it is important that at the time of the evaluation prior to the training plan, the trainer correctly detects what you need. So you can visualize your goal.

How to recognize a good chess coach

A good chess coach will do everything possible to teach you the tools and techniques to achieve your purpose.

The essential to recognize that you found a good chess coach you will observe directly in the training. Pay attention to details, remember each person is different and not everyone likes to reveal their secrets. So when you search, you will be told in a very general way (or maybe not until you hire them) what your training plan would be like, anyway take into account all the previous recommendations and you will know how to recognize if you chose a good chess coach.