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The influence of the coaches in any sport has special importance for your apprentice. In the case of the chess sport or competition, the influence of the chess coaches in the improvement of the techniques and tactics in the game of their pupil does not escape either, making a difference in the games.

Chess coaches have particular characteristics that distinguish them from the players. That is that to be a coach you have to know how to play chess. However, not all people who know how to play chess have the skills to be a coach.

Although chess is not such a commercial sport as soccer, for example. There are chess players and coaches who come to be recognized in the world for this game. It should be borne in mind that to talk about the best coaches in the world, these may not get to play directly in competitions or tournaments, but nevertheless if they get to do their apprentices, ie the influence of the coach, so this does not become part of the circle of the FIDE (International Chess Federation) the fact that their students do, does not take away the recognition as a mentor in this game.

An example of this is the case of Laszlo Polgar, creator of his own educational method, based on the conviction that “geniuses are made, not born”, applying it to his daughters. He started together with his wife of the education of girls at home as well as instructing them in the game of chess from a very early age. Girls became a very young age they became excellent chess players, who became chess teachers. Polgar wrote several famous books whose main theme is chess. But as such he did not manage to compete in international lathes of great prestige as his apprentices, who besides competing have been winners of important world titles.

The chess coaches considered among the best in the world this according to our research on the main source of current information, the internet, apart from Polgar, is Roman Dzindzichashvili who in addition to coach is a level player of Grandmaster International Chess and has a score of 2550 within the range ELO. He has participated in several championships and Olympics, winning twice the U.S. chess championship. His training ensures it can adapt to different levels of students, he is a world leader in opening theories. He has also made a series of videos in which he talks about preparation chess sport. He currently offers his coaching services on his website.